Does The Food Lovers Diet Actually Work? Find Out Here


fld3By now, most of us will have seen the commercials on TV. The Food Lovers Diet is getting a lot of attention because of this and you might find yourself wondering what it’s all about and if it could possibly be for real or just some kind of marketing gimmick. Chances are, the answers will surprise you.

What we want to do today is first off, answer the real burning question over whether the Food Lovers Diet actually works or not and then get on to seeing how it goes about what it does, who all it is designed to help lose weight and a lot of the details that matter to those of us who are curious about this new approach to losing weight and keeping it off.

By the time we’re finished, you’ll know whether or not this is the right way for you to go because you will be armed with all the straight forward knowledge you need to make the right decision for yourself. After all, once you have the facts it’s a lot easier to decide.

Watch this first: The Science of Food Lovers Diet

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Give Me the Real Scoop on the Food Lovers Diet

To begin with, what a lot of people might be confused by is how in the world a person can eat chocolate cake or pizza and still lose weight. Usually you have to eat special diet foods or avoid certain foods altogether, right? That’s the typical way people approach dieting, but it is not the only way and this is what the Food Lovers Diet teaches you.

The truth is, if you know what you are doing when you eat then you can eat in sensible ways that are going to help you achieve your goals of cutting down on fat and maintaining a healthy, slender body. The most common problem with dieting is that people are just plain under educated and this approach is going to educate you in clear, simple language that you will be able to remember. It’s easy to get started and it’s easy to keep up with. That’s the whole premise of this program.

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So I Can Start Losing Weight Right Off the Bat?

3d specialquestion markYou definitely can and a lot of people can lose 3 pounds per week once they get started with this program. Bear in mind, that’s without having to eat strange foods from a company that makes them especially for dieters and it’s without having to give up everything they ever loved to eat.

Once you decide to take the Food Lovers Diet for a spin, you will begin using the 21 Day Metabolism Makeover. This is a guide from the program that is going to show you have to rev up your metabolism so that it is burning calories on your behalf. What that means is you are going to get not just fat loss, but plenty of energy. That’s just the beginning because once your metabolism is functioning the way it should, you will be able to move on to the next steps so that you can really keep those pounds off over the long run.

And yes, all of this is going to be done by following a simple step by step formula that walks you through the whole process and is written in plain English. Really, it does not get any easier than this for those who are serious about seeing a real difference in their body fat and weight, too.

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Is the Food Lovers Diet Actually Healthy to Abide by in the Long Run?

This is a concern a lot of people have and that’s a good thing. Not all diets are designed to be used over the long haul. Some of them can actually damage your body or even make you sick if you stick to them for too long of a time period. The Food Lovers Diet is much different than this. It is designed to be a whole lifestyle makeover that changes the way you eat and educates you on what you should be eating for maximum health. It does this in medically approved ways and that’s part of what has helped so many people to trust it.

You’re going to learn about diet and exercise with the scientific jargon stripped out and find out how an average, everyday person can leave obesity behind forever and stay at a body size which makes sense for them. So, yes, this is a program you are going to be able to stick with for years to come and that is exactly what is helping to make it so popular. It is quite literally the only diet plan you will ever need to try because it is the last one you will try – it can work for the rest of your life with no ill side effects and you only need to buy it once.

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If I Don’t Have a Lot of Spare Time Can the Food Lovers Diet Work for Me?

You definitely can because this is a program that is designed for the average person who has to raise children, work at a job or do all of the other things we do on a daily basis. You are not going to be told you need to spend ten hours a week in the gym nor are you going to have to make up loads of special meals. You simply follow along with what you have learned and you will be on track to losing weight you don’t want and keeping it off.

You can even still go out to eat at restaurants because you will be given the Eating Out Advisor from the Food Lovers Diet that shows you how to choose foods that make sense for you no matter where you eat. This is definitely something that makes a difference for a lot of people and you will find that no matter what kind of lifestyle you have, this program has benefits you will be able to obtain.

How Expensive is the Food Lovers Diet for Those Using It Today?

Quality Speed Efficiency and Cost Management Process Arrow SignsWere you thinking that you would have to buy all kinds of expensive foods at an organic grocer or maybe even loads of special supplements to make this program work? That’s not what this program is about by a long shot because those who developed it realize we have budgets we have to stick to. That is why they kept the price affordable and it’s also why they allow for a payment plan with payments as low as $20.

You are not going to have to buy special tools for your kitchen, plant a garden or do anything crazy like that. What you learn with this program is how to work with what you have and also how to improve things in your diet if your budget allows it and if you want to. It’s all about choice and freedom with this program and that is what makes people love it so much. Once you understand the value of everything you eat and how to portion your food, everything else gets a whole lot easier.

So is the Food Lovers Diet Just About Eating Right, Then?

At its heart, it is about making the right decisions based on a solid education of food and lifestyle choices. We might not be what we eat, literally, but we are definitely affected by what we eat and learning to control how we eat is going to offer big changes. However, you will also see even more benefits if you engage in plenty of physical activity like exercise. The program gives you 7 Day Size Down and Rapid Results Workout on DVD as a free gift when you decide to get started. This is going to show you healthy ways to work out that are not going to strain your body or eat up all of your time. Again, it’s the simple and sensible things we do in life that have the biggest impact on our health and you will learn just how much control you have over how you look and feel. That’s what is great about choosing to get started.

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The Real Benefit of the Food Lovers Diet Might Just Be the Education

You’ve heard of carbs, but did you know there are fast and slow carbs that affect you differently? Did you know there are certain foods that contain free carbs which means you can have quite a lot of them without gaining weight? Did you know that instead of having large meals, a number of small meals throughout the day is actually better for you?

This is only the start of what the Food Lovers Diet is going to teach you and that’s some of the most valuable information you could ever take in because it will continue to serve you throughout the course of your life. You will have plenty of information to work from, including:

  • Love to Eat Cookbook
  • How to Make a Fat-Loss Plate
  • Snack and Treat Guide
  • Classic Comfort Food Recipe Cards
  • Food Lovers for Life
  • Million Meals Menu Planner
  • And a lot more…

As you can see, these guides help you learn how to make the right choices when you eat without boring you to sleep in the process. This program keeps things light and fun so you can learn without feeling as if you are back in school. Still, what you learn is incredibly valuable and it puts everything together neatly so that you can actually do this on a day to day basis without needing to carry around notebooks or stickers or other ‘accessories’ that are such a hassle.

Are Experts Actually Backing the Food Lovers Diet or is That Just Hype?

Yes they are and that is definitely a good thing. Plenty of companies claim they have healthy ways to lose weight, but that is not always the truth. The spokeswoman for the National Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics told the press that this program is similar to what she herself recommends.

One PhD holding researcher from a respected university in the United States told the media that after looking the program over, he agrees that it can have a very positive impact on a person’s help. This is only scratching the surface of all the good things experts have been saying about this approach to losing weight and keeping it off.

What Exactly Do You Get When You Buy the Food Lovers Diet?

The guides you get include: Food Lovers for Life, the Snack and Treat Guide, The Love to Eat Cookbook, Million Meals Menu Planner, 21 Day Metabolism Makeover, Eating Out Advisor, and How to Make a Fat-Loss Plate. Along with these guides, you get two DVDs: Rapid Results Workout and 7 Day Sizedown. Plus you’ll get Classic Comfort Foods Recipe Cards and the Fat Loss Secrets Day-by-Day CD series. It’s a great value and you only buy it once.

Food Lovers Diet Kit


Can You Use the Food Lovers Diet If You Are a Vegetarian?

Yes, you certainly can. There is plenty of advice in the program for those who want to get their protein and other key nutrients from sources other than meat. It is no problem to use this program if you are staunchly vegetarian or interested in taking that path.

What About Diabetics? Can They Use the Food Lovers Diet, Too?

Absolutely. In fact, the Food Lovers Diet helps a lot of people avoid diabetes, too. You will find plenty of advice geared to helping diabetics achieve a healthier lifestyle in very little time.

How Can I Get the Food Lovers Diet Right Now?

The best way to get started is to look online. That’s the easiest way to buy the Food Lovers Diet for yourself. Since it’s just a few payments with nothing else you need to buy, it’s a great value and you can have it shipped straight to your home within just a few days. There’s no need to put it off because it couldn’t be simpler to get started achieving the body you want for life.

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The Food Lovers Fat Loss System Explained- Lose Weight But Still Eat

Magnifying Glass - FactsDo you love eating? Is this what’s stopping you from losing weight? Then the Food Lovers Fat Loss Program may be for you. This amazing diet plan allows you to have three proper meals a day and snacks. And the meals you eat aren’t tiny plates with rabbit food, but actual food like peanut butter, pasta and waffles. Best of all, this isn’t a fad diet, but a diet that truly works.

Five Strategies to Eat Right

There are five guidelines to this plan and if you follow them, you can have that beach beautiful body for the summer or you can eat at Thanksgiving or Christmas in the safe knowledge that you can lose it again afterwards. There are five strategies to this diet that make sure this diet doesn’t just work but also doesn’t deprive your body of essential nutrients. Hence, the first guideline is that you should eat.Diets that make you exercise but at the same time starve yourself by allowing you no more than 1,500 calories a day only make sure your body starts to crave nutrients and enter starvation mode.

Secondly, you need to make sure that you get fats, carbs and proteins, but in the right amounts. If you want to get rid of the weight and quickly, you need vegetables, whole grains and fruits. You need unsaturated fats, like the ones you find in olive oil and nuts. You also need protein, albeit extra lean, which is found in legumes, dairy, fish, soy and lean meat. This is what the Food Lovers Fat Loss Diet offers.

The next guideline is that you have to have realistic expectations. You simply cannot sustain weight loss of several pounds a week. The Food Lovers Fat Loss aims at around one or two pounds, sothat you don’t lose muscle tissue but only fat. Next, you must stay real in as such that you have to eat healthy, real food and stay away from the processed products. Lastly, you have to exercise. Try to combine strength training with cardio. You can easily loose five pounds or half a dress size (or a full bikini size) in a month. And after the month, you can keep going and lose more if you want to.

How Does Food Lovers Fat Loss Work

It sound almost too good to be true doesn’t it? With this diet, you are not only allowed to eat, but you are allowed to eat often. The Food Lovers Fat Loss Program allows you to eat three square meals a day and have a snack every three hours. So what’s the catch? There is no catch! Food Lovers Fat Loss System isn’t a diet, it is a lifestyle. It doesn’t expect you to starve yourself, it expects you to listen to your body and eat when you need to but also to eat to make sure your body can keep going and never gets ravenous. Eating is good for you, as it is the only way your body can get more energy to run during the day.

Low Glycemic Foods

There are limitations on the diet. It isn’t a case of you can eat anything you want. However, you can eat lovely and tasty things and you can eat a lot of eat at very regular intervals. The stipulation the Food Lovers Diet makes, however, is that what you eat is low glycemic. Research has proven that low glycemic food allows you not just to lose weight, but also to control your weight.

One of the greatest things about this diet plan and low glycemic food is that it allows the body to have more sensitivity to insulin. As such, it keeps diabetes at bay, which is a disease that strikes down a lot of people with significant weight loss issues. As such, the Food Lovers Diet is also suitable for people with diabetes, as it helps them to control it. Besides this, you will also lower the risk of getting heart disease and you will lower your levels of bad cholesterol. As a diet, it allows you to feel full all the time, thereby reducing your feelings of hunger. You will have significantly raised physical endurance too.

Reading Food Labels

In the diet, you mustn’t just love your food, you must also understand it. In the Food Lovers Fat Loss System, it isn’t just about eating what you want, when you want it. It is about being healthy and knowing what you put in your body and what that does to you. Hence, an essential part of the Food Lovers Diet is to learn how to read food labels. When you read a label, it is likely that you will go to the percentage of sugars and fats first, and then read the ingredients. However, what you miss when you do this is the hidden sugars and fats.

A few words you may come across on ingredients include high fructose corn syrup (don’t be tempted to believe natural is automatically healthy, syrup is basically pure sugar regardless of where it comes from), glucose polymers, maltodextrins, added sugar and dextrins.

Breakfast Example

Here is an example of how breakfast works. The Food Lovers Fat Loss will walk you through lunch, dinner and snacks too, but this example will give you a basic understanding of how low glycemic eating actually works and what you can expect to eat on this diet. The day starts with breakfast, the most important meal of the day. Your breakfast should be around 394 calorie of which 23% can be fat (only 3.14 grams of saturated fat though). This diet allows breakfast to consist of 60% carbs and 17% protein. In order to keep you energized for the day and healthy, you should make sure you get around 6.7 grams of fiber, 359 milligrams of calcium, 111 micrograms of folic acid and 4.3 milligrams of iron. Some examples of recipes for breakfast include a Breakfast Burrito, Almond-Scented Cappuccino and the P’n’B (peanut butter) waffle.