Food Lovers Diet Review

foods-lovers-dietFood Lovers Diet, also known as Food Lovers Fat Loss System is a weight loss plan and that promises to help get rid of unwanted fat without the need to follow a diet.

The plan’s main contention is that one can lose weight without giving up favorite dishes as long as it is paired with the right kinds of food. This kind of approach to dieting has certainly made a lot of people interested, which is why I decided to write this Food Lovers Diet review to help readers decide whether or not the program is for them.

If you’ve been in the health and fitness industry for quite some time, you have probably already heard about such plans and programs, and Food Lovers Fat Loss is certainly not the first to offer such weight loss methods. In fact, most of the weight loss programs being advertised these days have the same concept – eat what you want while losing weight at the same time. However, there are several features that make Food Lovers Fat Loss quite attractive to many of its followers, and here I will discuss some of them to shed light on how one can benefit from this weight loss program.

What Food Lovers Fat Loss Offers

In a nutshell, followers of the Food Lovers Fat Loss plan are taught to pair various types of food in order to trigger faster metabolism and therefore shed weight in a safe manner. The difference between fast and slow-burning carbs is discussed and how eliminating the former can contribute to fat loss. For most people, food that is rich in carbohydrates has always been a part of their everyday meals. However, only a few know that there are two types of carbohydrates and these have opposite effects on the body and its fat burning capabilities. Slow-burning carbohydrates are those which take longer for the body to digest and do not cause spikes in insulin and blood sugar levels. These are the types of carbs that one should consume based on the Food Lovers Fat Loss Plan. Fast-burning carbs on the other hand are almost instantly digested by the body. A sudden increase in the amount of carbs in the bloodstream can increase insulin levels in the body and cause blood sugar spikes. Because of the increase in insulin, the body is more likely to store the carbohydrates as fat and not burn it off as energy

How It Works

Perfect woman shapeThe Food Lovers Fat Loss plan is comprised of two phases: Metabolism Makeover and the Maintenance Phase. Metabolism Makeover lasts for 21 days, and here, followers will be taught how to manage their eating habits and start pairing carbs with proteins and other nutrients needed by the body. During this phase, followers will also be encouraged to follow an eating plan that requires one to consume meals and snacks over the course of the day in 2-3 hour intervals. Those who follow the meal plan can choose from the Fat Loss Plate, a protein-and-carb guide that one can use to determine the types of food to be consumed for every meal or snack. Aside from this, followers of the plan are also expected to have an exercise routine in order to speed up metabolism and the fat burning process. The Food Lovers Fat Loss system includes exercise videos that one can take advantage of when combining the right eating habits with regular workouts. Once the 21-day period is over, one can now move on to the Maintenance phase where choices are not as restricted as the ones featured in the first phase. During this time, those who have accomplished Metabolism Makeover can now consume food containing refined flour and sugar or those which have been fried. One will also be allowed to consume alcohol during this phase of the plan, although Ferguson cautions against excessive intake of these types of food to really achieve maximum gains on the plan.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Food Lovers Fat Loss 

The Food Lovers Fat Loss plan promotes healthy eating habits and a certain change in one’s lifestyle, which is clearly one of the distinct advantages that followers can benefit from when trying the program out. It does not prevent one from eating the kinds of food that are usually served and offered in many restaurants, although followers should of course consume these in smaller portions unlike before. The exercise plan that is added to the weight loss plan is also a great way to promote a healthier lifestyle, and this is what makes Food Lovers Fat Loss a very attractive system in my book. One thing I noticed about Food Lovers Fat Loss – and this is echoed in other Food Lovers diet reviews – is that the advertising on the website can somewhat be misleading to others, making them believe that they don’t have to be responsible for the food choices they make while on the plan. According to the site, “There’s no starving, no food restrictions, and no drastic lifestyle changes”. Although this may be true to some extent, what it does not offer is the fact that one needs to actually “restrict” the amounts of food being consumed. Other than this though, I see no reason not to try Food Lovers Fat Loss.

Pricing and Recommendation

The Food Lovers Fat Loss System costs about $120, with payments divided into six installments of $19.99 each. Those who decide to try it out will receive, among others, the 21-day metabolism plan, a guide to making a fat loss plate, a guide to eating out, recipe cards and a cookbook, a snacks-and-treats guide, and the fat loss and maintenance CDs. There is also an 8-week money back guarantee that one can take advantage of in case the product fails to live up to its promise. As with many Food Lovers diet reviews you will find in the market, I recommend the plan to anyone who wants to switch to healthier eating habits without depriving themselves of their favorite dishes and treats. Although there will always be a certain level of restriction when it comes to consuming unhealthy food choices, a small portion is better than nothing at all. Plus, the 8-week money back guarantee makes it even better because you can be assured of a refund in case the plan does not work out for you.