If You Want To Eat And Lose Weight, Try The Food Lovers Diet

food-lovers-fat-loss-logoHave you ever wondered whether there is a diet during which you can actually eat, rather than starve yourself? There is and it is called the Food Lovers Diet. Provida is the company that designed and developed this diet and it isn’t just some sort of fad. A team of real food experts, including Robert Ferguson, MS, a certified nutritionist, worked together in designing the Food Lovers Diet. It is simple to follow and it is based on getting people to eat every few hours and on making sure they make the right pairs of food. The diet will teach you what the difference is between slow and fast carbs. It will also show you how you can combine healthy fats with lean protein. Realistically, the diet allows you to lose around three pounds each week, although this also depends on how overweight you are when you start the diet. Three pounds a week is healthy weight loss, which demonstrate this diet is not a starvation diet that simply allows you to get rid of muscle tissue and water, only to put it straight back on when you eat normally again. The best thing about the diet is that, for many, it isn’t a diet that you follow for a while, but rather a full lifestyle change. Because you don’t starve yourself, you can continue to eat according to the diet plan for as long as you want.

Fresh Fruits and Whole Wheat Cereal

There are a number of health diet plans that work on the same principles as this one. This is further proof of the fact that the Food Lovers Diet works and that it is good for your body. You should eat many non-starchy fruits and vegetables. You also need to consume whole grains, low-fat airy, lean proteins and healthy fats. Naturally, you can’t simple eat as much as you want but you need to control your portions and you need to eat the right combination of food. One of the best things about the Food Lovers Diet, however, is that people with diabetes can also follow it (in fact, it can help control diabetes), as can vegetarians. It has even been demonstrated to be good for the heart, reducing the chances of getting heart disease. You will first go through a three week Metabolism Makeover. After this, you will move on to the Food Lovers Diet for life, where you will look at a diet plan that you can maintain for as long as you want. Although often advertised as the diet that allows you to eat all your favorite foods, this isn’t entirely correct since you do have to limit what you eat and think about what you eat. For instance, once you reach the maintenance phase, you are allowed to eat a piece of chocolate cake. However, you must only have a small portion and you must make sure you combine it with the right foods. Even better would be if you choose a sugar-free alternative.

How Does the Food Lovers Diet Work?

The diet works by first teaching you all about carbs. This way, you will learn how you can combine different foods on what is known as the “fat loss plate”. You must learn to combine carbs with lean proteins. This way, the Food Lovers Diet allows you to speed up your metabolism. This, in turn, helps your body to burn more fat. Fast carbs, for instance, are those that increase the levels of insulin because they convert to sugars. Instead, you should choose for slow carbs, which don’t make your insulin and blood sugar levels spike, instead metabolizing very slowly. The big secret behind the Food Lovers Diet is that you learn how to manage your carbs and how you should eat them together with proteins. The plan was not just developed by real nutritional experts, it was also reviewed by highly trained people. Ron Dudeck, PhD, for instance, works at the East Carolina University as an obesity and diabetes researcher. He was hired by Provida to honestly review the plan and he agrees that the right foods can help you turn your body in a machine that burns fat.

The Fat Burning Machine that Is Your Body

You should look at your body as a machine that requires certain things to run. Overeating carbs, for instance, raises your insulin and your levels of blood sugar. The Food Lovers Diet recognizes that this is a particular problem in this country and one of the reasons why so many people are overweight and obese. Rising insulin and blood sugars promotes the deposition of fat, thereby causing obesity over time. If, however, you make the right combination of controlled carbs and lean protein, you make sure that your body burns fats rather than depositing more of it due to the insulin spike. The diet starts with the Metabolism Makeover, a 21 day diet. This lies at the core of the Food Lovers Diet. In essence, you will be provided with a new diet strategy each and every day. What the Food Lovers Diet tries to achieve with this is that you learn new habits that lead to a healthy weight loss. By leading a healthy lifestyle, long-term weight loss is not just achieved but also sustained and that is the strength of the Food Lovers Diet, as it doesn’t lead to yoyo dieting. You will need to keep a diary in which you log just what you ate, in what quantity and when. You also need to write down how much exercise you got to help you burn that excess fat. You need to drink plenty of water and log this in your diary too. You must eat breakfast every day, as well as lunch and dinner and snacks in between. In fact, you will eat every three hours, which will stop you from feeling hungry. You must also control how much sodium you consume and cut out the unhealthy fats. You will increase your intake of fibers and are encouraged to find a diet buddy. Last but not least, you are also encouraged to get enough sleep.